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PRINCIPAL’s MESSAGE Dear Parents, Guardians and Students:                   It   is   truly   a   great   honor   to   introduce   myself   to   as   the   proud   Principal   of   John   F.   Kennedy   Middle   School.   Having worked   at   John   F.   Kennedy   Middle   School   for   over   twenty   years,   I   have   taught   and   worked   with   many   families   in the   North   Miami   Beach   Community.On   behalf   of   our   entire   faculty,   staff   and   administration,   I   welcome   you   (or welcome you back) to John F. Kennedy Middle School.                      Established   in   1957,   John   F.   Kennedy   Middle   School   has   a   rich   history   of   success   serving   the   North   Miami Beach   community   and   we   are   happy   that   you   are   a   part   of   the   “Falcon   Family”. This   year   we   will   be   implementing several   exciting   educational   initiatives   at   John   F.   Kennedy   Middle   School.   As   a   leader   in   advanced   mathematics instruction   at   the   middle   grades   level,   our   IPREP   Mathematics   lab   will   provide   students   the   latest   technology   in Algebra   and   Geometry   education   as   well   as   hands-on   computer   based   learning   opportunities.   Now   in   our   18th year,   the   BEAT   Magnet   Program   (Biomedical,   Environmental   Agriculture&   Technology)   continues   to   shine   as   A National   Magnet   School   of   Distinction    .   This   prestigious   award   is   given   to   only   a   handful   of   schools   across   the country!                   Our   school   also   features   an   International   Baccalaureate   Cambridge Academy   for   Gifted   and Talented   Students –   one   more   extraordinary   program   to   add   to   the   excellence   in   middle   grades   education   that   is   offered   at   John   F. Kennedy    Middle    School.The    faculty    and    staff    are    determined    to    provide    our    students    with    the    very    best instructional   environment   to   achieve   excellence,   but   we   cannot   do   it   alone    .   Children   need   to   be   on   time   to   school every day and be prepared for each class. Students need to wear their uniform when attending school. John F.
Cynthia Padron Assistant Principal  
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John F. Kennedy Middle School 1075 NE 167 St. North Miami Beach, FL 33162  *  Phone:305-947-1451 * Fax: 305-949-9046

We are getting to the finish line, Falcons: Thank You for having done your best during the 2016-2017 Academic Year at John F. Kennedy Middle School!

   Kennedy   Middle   School   offers   a   free   breakfast   to   every    child   as   well   as   free   medical,   dental   and   vision   services   to   all   who   sign   up.   Our   school   features   a   University   of   Miami   clinic, complete   with   a   doctor,   nurse,   counseling/social   services,   aswell   as   “specialty”   services   like   vision   and   dental!   Students   are   more   successful   when   their   parents   are   involved   in   their education.       By working together, John F. Kennedy Middle School will continue to be the very best middle school in Miami-Dade County. Sincerely, Mary Kate Parton, Principal
Jose Bueno North Region Superintendent  
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