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MISSION STATEMENT It    is    the    mission    of    John    F.    Kennedy Middle   School   staff,   students,   parents, and       community       to       create       an instructional          environment          which enhances   individual   achievement   while promoting        the        development        of responsible   citizens   who   can   efficiently access     knowledge,     critically     assess problems, and creatively seek solutions. We       provide       the       highest       quality education   so   that   all   of   our   students   are empowered     to     lead     productive     and fulfilling    lives    as    lifelong    learners    and responsible citizens.
A SCHOOL  SYSTEM OPEN  TO  ALL   (Students)   –   Board   Policy   5517and 5517.02        M-DCPS        does        not discriminate    on    the    basis    of    sex, race,   color,   ethnic   or   national   origin, religion,     marital     status,     disability, age,        political        beliefs,        sexual orientation,           gender,           gender identification,      social      and      family background,     linguistic     preference, pregnancy,      or      any      other      basis prohibited   by   law   in   its   educational programs,   services   or   activities   or   in its    hiring    or    employment    practices. Please   refer   to   School   Board   Policies 5517   (Students) and5517.02                                         -   Complaint    Procedures    for    Students for more information.
 VISION STATEMENT With new purpose and direction, we embark on an educational journey that focuses on increasing Student Achievement via implementation of curricular innovation while providing educational excellence for all.
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We are getting to the finish line, Falcons: Thank You for having done your best during the 2016-2017 Academic Year at John F. Kennedy Middle School!